Aquashine Maintenance Kit (shrink wrapped)

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You like your hardwood floors and enjoy them even more when they’re clean? SamaN’s AquaShine Maintenance Kit is perfect for you! This kit contains a mop, a washable cotton cover and an Aquashine hardwood floor cleaner bottle. That’s all you need for a simple, fast and efficient clean-up.

Varnishing a floor is good, but being able to clean it without tarnishing the finish is even better! In addition to offering protection against microbes, our product does not require any rinsing. It’s simple; AquaShine cleans your hardwood floors and laminate surfaces without leaving any trace or residue. Your pets can even laze there safely.


Before you begin: –


  • Lightly spray the AquaShine cleaner onto the mop cover or apply directly on a section of the floor.
  • Wipe the surface to be cleaned.
  • For stubborn stains, spray the AquaShine cleaner onto a damp cloth and clean up the stains.
  • If the floor finish is too dull, use SamaN’s Perfection Floor Regenerator for an unparalleled refresh.

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Hardwood floors, Laminate surfaces