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SamaN stains and varnishes : innovative and durable

Whether it be to stain a piece of furniture, varnish a floor or bring your woodwork back to life, count on our avant-garde professional quality wood finishing products. Natural, safe and easy to use. Successfully complete your projects with confidence.

The majority of our varnishes and stains are water-based therefore they are harmless to you, your children and the environment. Count on us to continue innovating in order to offer you ecological, easy to apply products. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the right tools and wood finishing products.

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You feel like staining furniture in an Azure blue? Go for it!

Discover our array of available colors as well as our interior and exterior varnishes.  Low odor and always easy to use on all your woodworking projects.

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Our high quality wood finishing products are available across Canada and 40 U.S. states. You want to strip, stain or varnish a piece of furniture, a hardwood floor or your cabinets? SamaN vanishes, oils, stains and other products are available at your nearby retailer. Let’s get started!

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