Aquashine Concentrated Cleaner


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Ceramic, hardwood, laminate and vinyl floor cleaner CONCENTRATED

Gentle on varnish

No phosphate, biodegradable

Neutral PH, can be used on any varnish

No build-up or residue

Type de projets

Project types


  1. Dilute the product as instructed.
  2. Spray on the mop cover to dampen it.
  3. Spray a bit on the floor.
  4. Clean the floor with the mop.


Do not put a lot of cleaner on the mop or the floor. A little bit is enough.Wash the cover in the washing machine, but do not use softener. Softener will stick to the cover and leave residues on the floor.Dry the cover in the dryer, but do not use Bounce type sheets.


We can see foot marks or build-ups : too much product used. Use hot water and a rag to remove it.We used the concentrated version without diluting: wash with warm water and a rag.